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Today is Tanabata, I found a lot of information on the Internet, I am still very happy today. Here to listen to me!

Song and Yuan Dynasties, Tanabata Qi Qiao quite grand, the capital also has a monopoly Qi Qiao goods market, the world called Qi Qiao City. Song Luo Ye, Jin Ying of the series, "drunk drunk recorded," said: "Tanabata, Pan floor before the sale of begging Qiao. Since July 1, car horse Yin pharynx, to Tanabata the first three days, the car does not pass, , Hereby, from the Qi Qiao City to buy beggars of the grand occasion, you can infer that the tribute to the funny scene at the time of beggar. People from the beginning of the beginning of July to start Qicao items, Qi Qiao City on the busy, crowded, to the day near the Tanabata, Qi Qiao City has become a sea of people, the horse is difficult, view the style, it seems no In the most festive festival - the Spring Festival, that Qi Qiao Festival is one of the most favorite festivals. People legend in the evening of Tanabata, the rise can see the Cowherd and the Weaver's Galaxy meet, or in the fruit rack can be eavesdropping two people meet in heaven when the pulse of love.

Girls in this romantic night, facing the sky Lang Lang moon, put the seasonal fruits, overturned worship, begging heavenly fairies can give them the wisdom of the soul and smart hands, so that their knit women skills skilled, More begging for love marriage marriage coincidence.


Tanabata little information we all know? Is not it funny? I would like to hear your information, can you tell me? If so, let me hear, okay?

Tanabata her honey haired month hangs over the earth, the Tanabata city jollification, qixi festival happily with my mother and I went to fitness garden beside a weather station, playing with it.

Just went in to play, I hurried to run to the high bar, but that the horizontal bar is a lot higher than I am, standing in the following the little snail is like standing under the giraffe, I saw the in the mind very not convinced, I threw away slippers on his foot, rolled the legs on the post of the horizontal bar, hand tightly grabbed the pillars of the horizontal bar, a push, "go!" , I cried happily, a happy, there is a bad thing, however, a second push not only didn't go up, instead of "ZhiLiu, ZhiLiu slipped down," the taste of this my heart much more special, sour, bitter, spicy, everything you have, just not sweet.

Failed for the first time, I was angry, but still smiling face to face, I don't agree, just looking for a mother than the outcome, we came to than strength round plate, in order to get the tie is broken, I was eager to say the rules: "mom, I turn left, you turn to the right." The race began, the mother is really strong, such as cattle, strength let me shouted "oh," I was very anxious, I will put his hand to pull in the edge of the disc, the feet together, make the whole people all hanging in the air, so, I'm with the weight of the body, the mother is to use the power of the arm, of course I will win.

This is really a happy Chinese valentine's day night!


Just had the Chinese valentine's day, also really a little wanting more. Why is that? Because the Chinese valentine's day had is so interesting! In the morning, I get up early, after washing, go shopping with her mother, a big meal and prepared for us. My mother and I bought a chicken, fish, a lot of vegetables, and of course my favorite prawns. At home, I will help my mother to wash the dishes, dad's boy, my mother cooking. Busy morning, we have a big meal preparation, remain open to eat. At this time a little stomach began to make. Mother heard say with smile: "that we began to eat!" Caocao washing my hands and sat on the table, waiting to eat. Wow, when I eat, is already three o 'clock in the afternoon. Because have nothing to do, I just turned on the computer. Online about the lover's blessing is figure, of course, I will bless them. Then I chat with my QQ friends, and about the Tanabata. The sun is setting, the mother also clamour for Internet access, I will let to her. Oh, how happy, how interesting Chinese valentine's day!!


Parents gave me life in this world,I love the most is them.

Expressing of loving parents do not need to pass a language that I love them.Whatever we can do some little things.In the Father's Day or Mother's Day,we can prepare a delicious breakfast for them.We can remember their birthdays.In their birthdays,we don't need to buy gifts,but have to say happy birthday.

When parents come home from work,we can hand them a cup of hot water to make them relax.We can help parents to share some of the housework,so that they have more time to rest.As part of the family,we should take active to do housework.If we read out,we should always contact them,tell them recent things of our own.Let them not worry about us.

It is known to all our parents love is priceless,is not asking for anything.We should love them in return. But,parents can be very simple love.As long as the life of more concern to them,for them to have been very satisfied.Just do it.


Clouds and wind continuously changing a variety of ingenious shape, meteors are constantly passing the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet on weekdays may not regret. In the autumn dew season, they quietly crossed meet the vast Milky Way in the night sky, in this rare first encounter, the tenderness between them than the world many times to meet.

Their love, like long flowing water, rain continued, meet once a year and as of tomorrow in Youmeng. How they bear to look back Magpie Bridge return, separating it again? But then I thought, as long as the feelings of the two steadfastly, forever, then why spend the day and night together?


















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