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| 巩诗2





The world we live in is becoming more and more intolerable because of environmental destruction. Bird flu and Sars are two typical examples that environmental destruction may threaten our life. Besides, forest destruction , water and air pollution result in decrease of planting land and unpleasant weather.

Serious as the problem seems, we can come up with some measures to deal with it. First of all, the authorities should adopt the policy of "sustainable development", and laws concerning environmental protection should be put into effect and enforced strictly just as our government has been doing.  What' s more, every citizen should realize the seriousness of the problem and make concerted efforts to protect our environment. In addition, planting trees helps improve and beautify the environment.


我们生活的世界正变得越来越难以忍受,因为对环境的破坏。禽流感和Sars是两个典型的'例子,环境破坏可能威胁我们的生活。此外,森林破坏,水和空气污染导致耕地减少,不愉快的天气。  严重的问题,我们可以想出一些措施来解决它。首先,当局应采取“可持续发展”的政策和法律关于环境保护应该生效和执行严格正如我们的政府一直在做的事情。  什么更多,每一个公民都应该意识到该问题的严重性和共同努力来保护我们的环境。此外,植树有利于改善和美化环境。


Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. With the development of industry and agriculture, cars make GR Eat noises and give off poisonous gas.

Trees on the hills have been cut down, and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.

Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. The whole ecological balance of the earth is changing.

Massive destruction of environment has brought about negative effects and even poses a great threat to man's existence.





The environment is everything around us. We rely on it to life. If we don't protect our environment, life will be hard for us. It is our duty to protect our environment. We can pick up the litter and rubbish into the. We can use less oil, natural gas and electricity. So, don't forget to turn off the lights before you leave the room, if you can walk or take place, rather than driving a bus. We should use more solar and wind energy. If everyone tries his best to protect our environment, the world will be more beautiful.




Earth is our mother.Without earth ,without life.It provides us with enough water,food,sunshine,mineral and so on.

I can even say we can only live in the earth .

There may isn't any celestial body like earth that our human can live .But there is only one earth in the world,so please protect it ,protect our "mother",we can do it from little things such as saving water,planting trees and so on.

So please do it right now,for ourselfs,for our younger generation.





Students, when you walk among the flowers and trees, listen to the birds and insects; When you are in a classroom with a few windows and a few windows, study seriously; When you wander through the forest trail and enjoy the clear air, do you realize that this comfort and comfort is the gift of Mother Earth, and it is Mother Earth that creates happiness for us.

The earth is the only home for human beings to survive, and the natural environment on the earth has given birth to human beings. But with the development of the industrial economy, some factories have discharged a large amount of exhaust gas, which fills half the sky, the air is no longer fresh, and at the same time they release a lot of wastewater, and the river is no longer clear.

Forests and green spaces are nature's protectors and good friends of mankind. Some people cut down trees and encroached on green space for their own interests, resulting in crazy sandstorms sweeping over the country and the problem of soil erosion ensuing. Water is the source of human life. Some of the children in the mountains still can't drink the sweet tap water. Can't we save water for them? Flush the toilet with the water you wash your hands and water the flowers with the water of the rice panning. For the sake of children in the mountains, please save water! Now, the world's rare animals are gradually decreasing, and some poachers are still hunting in large quantities for personal gain. Animals are human friends, we should live in harmony with them, how can we bear to kill them?

Students, for the sake of our beautiful homeland, for our harmonious living environment, from now on, we will save a drop of water, a degree of electricity, plant a tree, a flower, together to protect our mother earth!






We live on the earth, destroy the earth, where can we go there? Some people say that they can go to other planets! But according to scientists, we can only survive on the earth, and there is nothing else to do. Let's stop guessing. We have only one Earth, and the Earth needs to be protected by us no matter what.



Your mother gave you life, should you repay your mother? So our Mother Earth has given us the resources and conditions for human survival, so should we humans also repay Mother Earth? However, we humans not only do not repay Mother Earth, but also destroy the self-sufficient environment that Mother Earth has given us for human beings to survive.



We humans live on the same earth, Mother Earth raised us, she gave us a warm home, we should love and take care of her. However, now there are many people littering, dumping sewage into clear rivers, and cutting down tall trees... Doing so both pollutes the environment and hurts Mother Earth. Protecting the earth is the common responsibility of all mankind, and I believe that as long as everyone gives their tiny strength, the earth will become more beautiful!

First of all, we can't litter, we should throw garbage in the trash, but also divide recyclable garbage and non-recyclable garbage; We can't discharge sewage into a clear river, which will pollute the water source; The tree is a friend of human beings, and it is able to absorb carbon dioxide and spit out oxygen. Large trees also shield the wind and sand. We should love and care for trees, and we should not cut down trees indiscriminately; Needless to say, animals know that they are man's best friends, but some people make a living by catching animals, and some animals become the food of human beings; We should also drive less cars, the exhaust fumes coming out of cars will pollute the air...

If the citizens of the global village can do this, the earth in front of us will be changed, and it will be younger and more beautiful!