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On October 31 of every year, it's Halloween. "Halloween" is also known as "Ghost Festival", which makes people feel "creepy". It is a traditional festival in the English speaking world, mainly popular in North America, British Isles, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The theme of all saints' night is ghosts, scares, and things related to death, magic and monsters. There are ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, elves, zombies, skeletons and demons, as well as fictional characters such as vampires and Frankenstein.

It is said that on the day of Halloween, children can't wait to put on colorful make-up clothes and masks, and go door-to-door to collect candy. The main activity of all saints' night is to make trouble without sugar. The children dressed up in all kinds of horror, rang the neighbor's doorbell door by door, and yelled, "make trouble if you don't treat them." the host (who may also be wearing horror clothes) will bring out some candy, chocolate or small gifts. Some families even use sound effects and cigarette making machines to create an atmosphere of terror. The candy that a child gets one night is usually counted in bags, and the whole bag is carried home.





I remember the interesting scene of Halloween in America. Before that, I only knew that children could dress up differently and knock on the door for candy at night, but I didn't know whose house to knock on. On Halloween night, I finally found that as long as the front light of the house is on, or there are pumpkin and other decorations at the door, it means that children are welcome to ask for candy.

On that day, groups of children in all kinds of costumes shuttled through the dark streets, showing a happy and strange atmosphere. Usually, neighbors who don't communicate with each other will open the door to prepare a bowl of candy to distribute to the children on Halloween. Some houses are decorated as ghostly haunted houses, and the owners of the houses dress up as ghosts and demons, and surprise the children who want candy first.

In these days, Halloween is always the most popular topic among friends. It is said that Halloween is the earliest Celtic festival of the Celtic people of the Celtic ethnic group in Ireland. It is said that every year, on October 31, ghosts will come and visit to find a substitute for the dead. In order not to let these ghosts succeed, people dress up as ghosts and march around the village in the hope of scaring away the ghosts. At the beginning of the 19th century, Irish immigrants brought the tradition of Halloween to the United States. But now, on Halloween night, people go to the streets in strange costumes. Who cares about ghosts.

It's also Ghost Festival. The way to celebrate the festival in China is more serious. Most of them are paying homage and burning paper money. While in Europe and America, it's like holding a carnival to celebrate Halloween. I think the biggest difference between the two methods is that most adults are involved in the festival, and many children can and don't have any special feelings. However, Halloween can play ghosts to scare people, which is better for children Play, play by their own ghost to frighten people, feel that originally very terrible ghost also become less terrible!











October 31 is the eve of the Western Ghost Festival. On this day, people dress up as ghosts, carry jack-in-a-lanterns and go from house to door begging for sugar. If a family member doesn't want to give sugar, then the next day, you will find that your door is painted with colorful paint. In order to let students better understand the western culture and feel the mystery and strangeness of Ghost Festival, the school held a grand Halloween party on October 31.

At one o'clock in the afternoon, with the sound of music, the foreign teacher came to the classroom to make up for the students. Look, the foreign teacher dressed up as a Pirates of the Caribbean. Then he looked at the students, wearing wizard's hat and black cape, and painted spiders, snakes and many other horrible things on their faces. The atmosphere of Ghost Festival is really strong. With the "Halloween begins" on the radio, the students quickly ran out of the classroom, looking for the goal of asking for sugar, and I went to the first floor, ready to sell sugar to make money.

At this time, a team appeared in the corridor, which aroused my curiosity. I wanted to find out. It was my turn. I had a close look. Ah! It was the haunted house. I ventured to enter it. There were still ghosts coming out from time to time. There were many horrible underground passages. It's very terrible, and from time to time, there's a terrific gunshot. I didn't have time to enjoy these things. I quickly ran out of the haunted house and returned to the classroom, which stabilized my mood. What impresses me most is the standing passage. When I walk, a ghost emerges from behind the curtain, which makes me pale. The most interesting thing about the Halloween party is to explore the haunted house.

On that day, we also held a charity sale. I worked as a small shop assistant. The sales volume was good, and I received a total of 80 yuan. After the charity sale, the students returned to the class with their money and a bag full of sugar. They talked and talked about their ghost stories on Halloween.

Happy days are always short. Halloween is over. But the thought that I went to the haunted house and worked as a salesman excited me. I really look forward to the next western culture festival.



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