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Last year's Halloween, I put on ghost costume - Ghost Skull costume, to the school building, saw hundreds of "little ghosts" standing in front of the building.

At this time, a person patted me, I looked back, I can't help but cry out: "my Mamma Mia!" this is not a human! It is clearly a zombie, brain burst, eyes burst.

"Leo, you are so timid." The zombie took off the headgear. It turned out to be sun Yanjie!

Entering the campus, a girl was standing in a corner and was found by me. I opened my gloves to scare her. Unexpectedly, she was not afraid and reached for my gloves.

Hey, if you have the ability, you can catch it! As I expected, the girl screamed because there was a snake in my glove.

Suddenly, screams and laughter filled the whole campus.

This Halloween exercise my courage, let me increase knowledge.









My favorite color is black. Of course, I'm indispensable for Halloween!

Today, we all have a "ghost" meeting.

Ni Xiaodong put his beloved ghost mask on his head and put the black cloth clothes sewn by his mother on his body. He and I went to play tricks on female students. We closed the doors on both sides and hid behind them to frighten Li Xiuzhen. Unexpectedly, she was prepared: when she opened the door, we put on masks to scare her. She held out a bloody hand to catch us. We didn't frighten her, but we were scared by her! It's really "losing the lady and breaking the soldier again"!

Our whole class put on the odd clothes, stepped on the small basket, formed a line, ran to the office, asked the teacher for candy. "Trick or treat!" the leader yelled, "trick or treat! Trick or treat!..." Of course, teachers smile and hand out candy

After school, I light my "booty": Wow! There are more than 50 sweets in total! I peel off the candy paper and put the candy into my mouth. The sweet fruit flavored candy juice has been soaking my heart




我们全班同学穿上古怪的服装,跨上小篮子,排成一队,跑向办公室,向老师要糖果。领队的大喊:“Trick or treat(不给糖果就捣乱)!”后面的也跟着喊:“Trick or treat!Trick or treat!……”当然,老师们笑呵呵地发糖果……



Last Friday, our school organized each of us to make a pumpkin lantern. As soon as I heard the news, I knew that the long-awaited Halloween was finally coming.

On Monday, I came to school with a pumpkin lantern, a candy box and props dressed up in a candy box. As soon as I entered the classroom, I saw that the teacher was busy dressing up the classroom, and we also joined the ranks of dressing up the classroom. When Mr. Zhuang announced the start of the activity, we couldn't wait to put on our carefully prepared clothes and masks. Some dressed as little witches, others as rabbits Then I started to ask for candy with my favorite candy.

Next, we lined up to dance rabbit on the playground. Each of us put our hands on the shoulder of a child in front of us and danced rabbit dance to the music. Everybody had a crazy time.

Happy times are always short. It's a really unforgettable Halloween.






October 31 is the Western Halloween. As a Chinese child, I expect and admire it.

When it comes to Halloween, it reminds me of pumpkin lanterns, masks, sugar, zombies, witches and vampires. And the classic game of Halloween - trick or treat. These elements of Halloween make me feel terrible, exciting and interesting.

What makes me feel most horrible and exciting are zombies, witches and vampires. Not to mention their horrible names, not to mention their sombre make-up / disguise. They are just zombies with black eyes and dull eyes. Witches are like "ah ha ha ha ha..." And the vampire's two sharp, white and long fangs make people feel creepy.

In addition to the horror, excitement, it also makes me feel lovely and interesting side. That's the mask and the pumpkin lantern. This year I made an innovation for Halloween. I decided to make pumpkins, ghosts and witches with colored mud to decorate the corners of the house to welcome the coming Halloween.






Every year, October 31 is a traditional festival in western countries: Halloween. It is said that on this night, children will dress up as ghosts and knock on the doors door to door for sweets. Children will say: "trick or treat if you don't want to. Do you want to make trouble or not? If you don't want to, you can take the candy."

Today, I went to a little reporter's Halloween experience activity held by hangzhou.com. Before I went in, I saw many children wearing different clothes and hats: for example, some children wore high wizard's hats, and some put on Zorro's clothes. After we went in, we sat in a place and listened to the teacher. All of a sudden, the lights went out, and the darkness was accompanied by a "horror" pumpkin lantern with light and sound. The whole class laughed. The lights are on. We're watching the video "the origins of Halloween.". After reading, the teacher taught us a few words and the class was over.

What a wonderful thing the little reporter organized! Come back next time!